territory: World
agent: Michael Thiesen
  • Tim Dammann (vox)
  • Sebastian Kranke (guit)
  • Tommy Lindemann (guit)
  • Tim Schwarz (bass)
  • Benjamin Ulrich (drums)
media: press download


110% Rock’n’Roll – Reduced to the maximum

Backed up by four studio albums until now, HARDBONE are a hard hit to every Rock fan’s eardrum!
The boys set a high value on dirty, beer soaked old school Rock’n’Roll – this has not changed in ten years of HARDBONE and it will never change.

If sweat, beer, fat guitar riffs, an all-steamrolling rhythm section and a rasping buzz saw on the microphone make you fall for a joyful twitch, you are dead right with HARDBONE – no matter if on record or on stage: This is a kick in the ass, second to none but the Australians.