territory: World
agent: Michael Thiesen
line-up: Michael Kalusche – Guitar, Maximilian Kette – Guitar, Kevin Klemm – Bass, Stephan Hoffmann – Drums, Nils Richber - Vocals
media: press downloads


The Broadway is known as the heart of the American theatre industry and is often used synonym for superior and critical entertainment. WALKING DEAD ON BROADWAY pursue the idea of fierce and unbiased art. Brought to life in late 2009, the quintet focuses on vast deathcore-sounds and disenchanted lyrics. Following 2012‘s MCD “Welcome To Corpse Wonderland”, “Aeshma” marks the debut album of this quintet from Leipzig, Germany.

The Band continued their journey and played 2015 a lot of festivals like With Full Force, Summer Blast, Wacken and many more. They were also part of big tours with Suicide Silence, Caliban, Eskimo Callboy and Whitechapel. After a short break from live gigs the band took their time to write a new full length called “Slaves“ which will be released in November 2016 via Nuclear Blast / Arising Empire. The band stays true to their roots and mixes their heavy sound with the lyrical reflection of the grievance of our time.